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 Love the way friends Grew up together in Chicago, Wade and Bynum experience made a little more understanding. nike free 3.0 Or when a child, they heard each other each other's prowess, Bynum is reputed Chicago street ball circles moment Xiao Qiang, has become known as "Thriller," the nickname. For them at that time, basketball is not only the best choice for entertainment, it is a haven away from the poverty and darkness. And Wade soar and become superstars different Bynum's basketball road is not nike free 4.0 smooth, as voted rookie, he was forced to go to Europe to play, was removed several times until 2008 by virtue of their own efforts to gain a foothold in the piston. "Like him tough as nails, indomitable. He has been working very hard to play, always waiting for play to show themselves, so the chance of the event, he will be able to immediately take it. 

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